Diary - July to September 2004

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29th September 2004 - At Ashleworth there are still plenty of hirundines present with both House Martins and Swallows over the reserve.

28th September 2004 - There was still a Green Sandpiper present at the Robbie Garnett hide and 6 Ruff on South Lake. House Martins are still visiting the nest on Sir Peter Scotts house.

21st September 2004 - A quick visit to Slimbridge and again there was a noticable passage of Swallows. 162 Black-tailed Godwits were on South Lake together with 2 Spotted Redshank, 11 Greenshank and a Curlew Sandpiper.
At Ashleworth in the afternoon there was more evidence of hirundine passage with at least 500 birds over a field which was being cut.

20th September 2004 - A five minute visit to Ashleworth noted hirundines still present.

11th September 2004 - Coombe Hill Canal. A small passage of Willow Warblers and Chiffchaff occurred along with a similar one for Swallows and House Martins. A Sedge Warbler also put in an appearance.

4th September 2004 - At Coombe Hill Meadows, House Martins are still present and a Chiffchaff was still singing. The bird of the morning was a Hobby which I watched for about 30 minutes while it hawked insects over the scapes. It was a good, warm and humid morning for dragonflies and this bird was certainly having a feast.

3rd September 2004 - At Slimbridge 3 Green Sandpipers were at the Robbie Garnett Hide but no colour rings could be seen. On South Lake there were a Curlew Sandpiper and an Arctic Tern. An unusual find on Rushy Pen was a Black-headed Gull with a colour ring, black darvic with white characters, 'RFK'.

1st September 2004 - At Coombe Hill Canal on a sunny but cool morning, House Martins and Swallows were still present. At least 5 Chiffchaffs were along the towpath to the bridge and several Common Whitethroats were in the vicinity. A Peregrine flew from a nearby tree and disappeared across the meadows. A Common Buzzard was unusual in that it had a rufous tail. 2 Sedge Warblers were noted along with 4 Whinchats, 2 Common Snipe and a Hare.
At Ashleworth there were 3 Whinchats and the House Martins are still at Stonebow Farm.

31st August 2004 - Slimbridge. 3 Green Sandpipers and a Common Sandpiper were on the Robbie Garnett scrape along with one of the colour ringed Black-tailed Godwits of which several different birds have been logged and sent to the appropriate ringer.

28th August 2004 - There was a passage of Willow Warblers and Chiffchaff along the towpath at the Coombe Hill Canal. 4 Whinchat, a Snipe, Wheatear, Little Egret, Green Sandpiper and Great Spotted Woodpecker were also present.

27th August 2004 - 1 Green Sandpiper and 2 Common Sandpipers were on the Robbie Garnett scrape and a big flock of at least 160 Black-tailed Godwits were on South Lake. The Black-headed Gull breeding can be judged by only between 6 and 8 percent of the 300 plus birds were birds of the year. 2 Spotted Redshank and a Green Sandpiper were also on South Lake.

26th August 2004 - At Slimbridge, 1 Green Sandpiper was on the usual scrape but it had no colour rings. 113 Black-tailed Godwits were on South Lake.

25th August 2004 - Coombe Hill Canal. Little Egret, 2 Sedge Warblers, 3 Whinchats, 5 Wheatear, Spotted Flycatcher, Redstart and Common Whitethroat were noted in various places. Surprisingly, a party of 19 Common Snipe overflew.

24th August 2004 - At Slimbridge again, there were 1 Greenshank, 2 Common Sandpiper, 2 Green Sandpiper on the Robbie Garnett scrape and on South Lake there were 85 Black-tailed Godwits.

23rd August 2004 - On the Robbie Garnett scape at Slimbridge were 31 Black-tailed Godwits, 1 Greenshank, 3 Green Sandpipers and a Common Sandpiper.

10th August 2004 - Slimbridge. 12 Green Sandpipers were at the Robbie Garnett scrape along with a Wood Sandpiper and Ruff. On South Lake there were about 90 Black-tailed Godwits, a Curlew Sandpiper and a Greenshank.

7th August 2004 - Coombe Hill Canal. A Willow Warbler was singing. Also present were Sedge Warbler, Reed Warbler, juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker and a Green Sandpiper.
At Ashleworth, Common Whitethroat and Redstart were in Dirty Lane and a Peregrine was plucking prey from the top of one of the pylons.
On a bat walk at Nagshead RSPB reserve, a Woodcock put in a brief appearance.

5th August 2004 - Slimbridge. 7 Green Sandpipers, 2 Little Egrets and one Greenshank were on the Robbie Garnett scrape.

4th August 2004 - At Ashleworth, on a sunny and humid day, a Redstart was in Dirty Lane and a Willow Warbler was singing.

26th July 2004 - Slimbridge on an overcast but dry day. 83 Black-tailed Godwits today. 10 Green Sandpipers were on the usual scrape and some of the Lapwings, colour ringed as young on site put in an appearance.

23rd July 2004 - At Slimbridge, the number of Black-tailed Godwits remained about the same as on the 15th July. Green Sandpipers were again present including some ringed birds and 3 Greenshank were also noted.

15th July 2004 - Slimbridge again and yet more Green Sandpipers along with 2 Greenshank on the Robbie Garnett scrape. On South Lake there were approxiamately 80 Black-tailed Godwits, 52 Redshank and a Spotted Redshank, resplendant in black summer plumage.

14th July 2004 - Ashleworth. Again a Chiffchaff was singing, along with a Blackcap. Swifts were still present and both Yellowhammer and Goldfinch were in evidence in Dirty Lane.
At Slimbridge, Green Sandpipers were present at the Robbie Garnett Hide, some with colour rings which have been put on at this location. It will be interesting to see if any of these birds put in an appearance next year. A Little Ringed Plover and many Black-tailed Godwits were also present, the latter predominantly on South Lake.

12th July 2004 - Nagshead RSPB Reserve on a calm but overcast, dry day. A quiet time but a Chiffchaff was singing near the car park and a Spotted Flycatcher was on the short walk. There is much tree damage in terms of small branchlets on the ground after the very strong winds which occurred on the 7th July when I was away at Portland.

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